Play the Federal Contractor Game to Win

Delivering customized training to move organizational cultures to be more customer-responsive and sales-driven.

Basic Training

Training is a gift. You give it to the people who deserve it and can use it.

Test of Who to Train

List the people you hope will grow your business. Then answer the following questions for each, measuring their interest in, and skills and personality for, growing the business.

Marketing Tactics

Marketing professional services to the Federal Government is complicated and abstruse. Not intuitive. Written rules. Unwritten rules. Numerous stakeholders. And savvy competitors. I lead people through the morass.

A Few of My Clients

My Results Speak for Themselves

  1. Won work ranging from $10K to $750M.
  2. Stopped revenue slippage and began to grow again.
  3. Stopped wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on no-win strategies and proposals.

Read My Books

Discover why your audience may be missing your message, why your unique solution is not enough to carry the day, and why following the Golden Rule often backfires.

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A client says…

“With a big nod to what I learned from your training, Skookum went from $15M to $120M gross receipts in the last 10 years. We are now in 10 states with over 1000 employees. Using the principles you taught: I showed up; systematically prospected; and built trust. The contracts followed.”

Director of Business Development
(and also formerly General Manager)
Skookum Contract Services