Marketing Tips

My seven commandments:

  1. You will see problems as opportunities, not barriers.
  2. You will evaluate opportunities like a business person who wants to make money, rather than a technical person who wants to solve problems.
  3. You will first determine if there are people with money to spend on solving that problem – who want to solve that problem.
  4. You will not pursue opportunities where there is not enough money.
  5. Before you join the fray, you will research what competitors are doing to solve the problem and sell their solutions.
  6. You will determine if you have the people, contacts, and reputation to sell a solution and make a profit.
  7. Then, and only then, will you start investing in the pursuit.


You build on axioms to capture opportunities.


It really is who you know, who you like, and who likes you.

Who Does What

I misquote “Don’t try to teach a pig to sing, it only wastes your money and annoys the pig.”

What Gov’t Gets Wrong

Don’t believe everything you hear.

7 Brutal Truths

Neither optimism or fatalism works—be a realist.

The Million Dollar Answer

Say yes, even though you don’t know the future. No one does.